North Texas Music Scholarship & Band Dolla$

In 2015 and 2016 – Friends with Benefits and two Denton music festivals have joined forces to bring a yearly event to help musicians and help pay for their education. Festibowl is an annual (2015 flag football, 2016 kickball) game between 35 Denton and Oaktopia that happened in the fall/winter. All proceeds went to Friends with Benefit’s North Texas Area Music Grant. To donate, click here!

Friends with Benefits will hold fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds to be given away yearly to two students (high school or college) and 2 bands needing financial assistance for any band need (tour gas money, record label fees, art work, instrument replacement or upgrade, etc.) Please check our facebook for these events.

FWB Music Scholarship 2018

FWB Band Dolla$ 2018

For information, questions, etc – email

2017 Winners:
The Infamists
Jacob Bradford
Kristian Enbysk