Hello, friends!

We’re the kind of friends every charity organization wants to have! Friends with Benefits works with North Texas charities/organizations to raise awareness and funds. Every year, we’ll have an event (5K, concert, raffle, drive, etc) depending on the organization we have chosen that year to help. We are completely non-profit. All the funds raised goes to put on the event and to the chosen charity for that year. We work our butts off for FREE to help our local charities, our friends.

In 2013, the Friends with Benefits Concert raised over $4,000 for Habitat for Humanity in Hood County to help with the rebuilding of homes destroyed by the tornado last May. While we wanted to be able to give more, it being our first year, we were happy. We also took a group of people to help Habitat for Humanity in Hood County one Saturday.

For 2014, we have decided to help two local organizations that dedicate their time and efforts being the voice for our friends who can’t speak for themselves – animals. In addition to the concert event, we’ve added a 5K race and adding the main name of Paws for a Cause, presented by FWB. See the Our Charities tab to read more about these wonderful groups.

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